To amplify the international solidarity with the Palestinian people, the ILPS presents PALESTINE101, a resource-gathering mechanism that will consolidate references, analysis and commentary papers, journals, multimedia, and other related materials about the historical and ongoing struggle of Palestine against Zionist apartheid regime and Imperialism.
Check out our first batch of reference materials! You can also submit your own sources to us at [email protected].
  • Israeli Annexation and Apartheid:

(a) What is the Annexation? Stop the Wall map and commentary at:

(b) What are the Palestinian calls for international solidarity? See the joint call for action at:

(c) What initiatives are already underway? Please join! Global South Response at: and glboal civil society call at: (for both initiatives follow up is happening and endorsements are still requested).

(d) A short video on Israeli apartheid:

  • Palestine as part of the global struggle for justice and against colonialism, imperialism and racism:

(a) In 2017, in order to unite forces against the rising right with its exclusionary, supremacist and authoritarian policies across the globe, Palestinian and Mexican movements have joined in a call to unite the struggles against the walls of injustice and to stand together for a World without Walls. See the call here:

(b) See a compilation of actions and reflections in the 2019 World without Walls reader ( and the 2020 online exhibition Walls in Times of Pandemic

(c) How to join? See the call for participation here:

  • The Palestinian struggle on the ground:

(a) The struggle for the right to water:

(b) The struggle for the right to education:

(c) The workers struggle in Palestine:

(d) The struggle against Covid-19 under apartheid:

  • Other Sources:(a) Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (
    (b) Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (
    (c) Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (

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