International Women’s Alliance in Asia-Pacific (IWA-AsPac)
GABRIELA | Alliance of Filipino Women
Women’s Commission of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS Commission 7)

FEBRUARY 15 – The International Women’s Alliance in Asia-Pacific, together with GABRIELA and the women’s commission of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles, vehemently condemn the continuing massacre of Palestinian children, women, and peoples by US and Israel forces. On Saturday, 5-year old Hind Rajab was found dead nearly two weeks after she called her parents for help as she was stuck in a vehicle where her relatives were killed by Zionist forces. Two paramedics from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society who were sent to rescue Rajab were also murdered. Data from the last 24 hours reveal that over 28,300 Palestinians have been murdered—more than 12,000 being children. Millions more are displaced and thousands injured, while Palestinian women and children are unjustly detained and subjected to sexual violence and torture.

Despite international pressure, the US-backed Israeli occupation shows no signs of stopping. It recently declared its plan to hold ground offensives in Rafah, where more than half of the Gazan population are cramped into makeshift tent cities. Many of whom fled their homes to seek refuge while US and Israel bombed their communities, only to be targeted anew by another US-funded operation of Israel.

We, the women in the anti-imperialist struggle, demand that the US-Israel be held accountable for every child tortured and murdered, every life destroyed, every house and hospital burned down. The imperialist aggression of US and Israel, together with its allies, has cost generations of Palestinians intense suffering—from the Zionist take over of their lands and resources, to the genocidal attacks that the occupation forces have launched against millions of people in Gaza, the West Bank, and even in nearby Arab states.

The US, as the chief imperial warmongerer, has been instigating wars across the globe to maintain its monopoly of markets and resources, and to profit off of the escalating conflicts. And in all of this havoc, it is always the women and children who are most vulnerable to the atrocities of military forces and their puppet governments. The toiling masses of the world suffer the most from the grave destitution, loss of jobs and livelihoods, displacement, and intensifying repression that result from imperial wars that come not only in the form of military aggressions like in Ukraine, in the Korean Peninsula, in the West Philippine Sea; but also through economic sanctions as in the case in many Latin American countries.

It is therefore just and necessary for the liberation struggle in Palestine and elsewhere in the world to continue and advance towards the defeat of US imperialism. The exploited and oppressed peoples of the world must stand together to hold to account US, Israel, and all of their allies for their atrocities and war crimes. We enjoin the women and working-class peoples of the world to rise for freedom from imperialism!#


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