The International League of Peoples Struggle – Commission 15 on the rights and welfare of the diaspora, refugees and migrant workers displaced by imperialism and local reactionaries demands an immediate cessation of hostilities between the Israeli Occupation Forces and the Palestinian people in Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank in occupied Palestine.  Moreover, the Commission 15 demand the Israel military forces to withdraw from all occupied territories of Palestine. We say, Israel out of Palestine and stop the illegal occupation!

The eight days of continued air strikes and bombings by Israeli Occupation Forces from May 10, 2021 has resulted in the death of 212 people including 61 children in the Gaza Strip alone.

The Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has also destroyed 90 buildings, including 6 residential towers, including the al Jalaa’ media building housing the offices of Al Jazeera and Associated Press among others. In occupied Jerusalem the peaceful Palestinian neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah continues to be beset by armed attacks by Jewish settlers, attempting to displace the residents and steal their homes and property under the direct protection of Israeli Occupation Forces. Migrant workers in the region are also affected by the conflict. According to UNRWA, there are now some 5 Million Palestinians refugees. Most if not all were forcibly evicted out of their home country since Nakba. Palestinian diaspora is considered one of the biggest in the world.

Despite the growing outcry of the international community, the United States under President Biden has blocked, for the third time in a row, the issuance of a UN Security Council statement and action for an immediate cessation of hostilities between Israel and Palestine, respect for international and humanitarian laws and the protection of civilians especially children proposed by Norway, Tunisia and China.

We condemn these scandalous actions of the United States and Biden to continue abetting and aiding Israeli Occupation Forces under Benjamin Netanyahu. The US government is giving a yearly support of around four billion US dollars to the Israeli Occupation Forces under Netanyahu, being its closest ally. American-made military planes piloted by Israelis bombed civilian targets including homes, media offices, law and medical offices in Gaza for the past seven days.

We denounce as War Crimes the deliberate and sustained bombings and airstrikes by Israel with the aid of the United States, targeting residential houses and buildings with precision and cold blooded efficiency and the forced displacement of thousands of residents from their houses in Gaza and West Jerusalem.

Since the day of Nakba or catastrophe some 73 years ago, more than  700,000 Israeli settlers have controlled and occupied  more than 60 percent of the land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  Many of them are off limits to Palestinians under a system of Apartheid enforced by Israeli Occupation Forces.

The Gaza Strip has become a virtual concentration camp with military blockades, economic blockade preventing the ingress of people, food, water, fuel and medicine.  Israeli Occupation Forces impose a permanent aerial, naval and land blockade around the Gaza Strip.

The illegal occupation of Palestine must stop!

We stand in solidarity with, and support the right of the Palestinian People to self-determination, and the right to return to their homes and property under the UN General Assembly Resolution 3236.
The killings and all acts of aggression must stop! Protect the children and civilians.  Migrant workers must also be protected and allowed to be evacuated from the areas of conflict.

We call on the UN Security Council and General Assembly to put a stop to the humanitarian tragedy in occupied Palestine. We support the International Criminal Courts investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza and occupied Palestine perpetrated by the Israeli Occupation Forces and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

We call on the peoples of the world to stand with Palestine!

No to US Led War!
Struggle for the Right of Return!
Down with US Imperialism!

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