Commission 15 Statement on International Migrants Day

18 December 2023

The International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) Commission 15 marks this year’s International Migrants Day (IMD) by calling on the migrants and peoples of the world to intensify our struggles against US imperialist wars of aggression, which lie at the root of forced mass migration in the world.

ILPS Commission 15 is devoted to the rights and welfare of the diaspora, refugees and migrant workers displaced by imperialism and local reactionaries, and its mandate has become more relevant in recent years.

This year’s IMD comes at a time of Israel’s intensified genocide, supported by US imperialism, against the Palestinian people. The Zionist and fascist Israel government took advantage of the attacks carried out by Hamas to worsen its genocide and occupation — what those attacks were resisting in the first place.

The Ukraine war continues, where the US seeks to advance its geopolitical interests by supporting the Ukrainian government and fighting its superpower opponent Russia. While Russia’s invasion is a violation of Ukraine’s right to self-determination, US imperialism has also worked to intensify the conflict.

US imperialism continues to rear its ugly head in many geopolitical conflicts around the world, from Yemen and Syria to Somalia and Niger. It supports many governments in violently repressing the legitimate resistance of their people, from the Philippines to India, and backs many right-wing parties.

US imperialism pursues its geopolitical interests in order to advance its economic interests — of plundering the earth’s natural resources, exploiting cheap labor, selling weapons, cornering markets, countering economic self-determination of other countries, and dominating the global economy.

US imperialism’s wars of aggression, its meddling in national and international conflicts, and its support for fascist governments and parties — as well as its pursuit of its naked economic interests — are major material conditions that cause the forced mass migration of the peoples of the world.

This IMD, ILPS Commission 15 calls on the migrants and peoples of the world to intensify our struggles against US wars of aggression and US imperialism. Let us persevere in arousing, organizing and mobilizing our ranks and families abroad and back home in order to create a critical mass that will weaken and eventually end US imperialism.

Stop Forced Migration!
No to US Imperialism and Wars of Aggression! Long Live International Solidarity!

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