Unity Statement of the No To APEC Coalition Peoples’ Counter Summit Against APEC

San Francisco, California – November 11, 2023

Get involved in the No To APEC Coalition at — linktr.ee/no2apec

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) DO NOT represent the interests of the people or the planet. They exist to increase the profit-making of big business by giving its owners control over trade and employment laws, privileged access to key decision-makers, and the green light to make super-profits off of our labor and steal from our wages and livelihood. APEC and IPEF lead to the wide scale plunder of much of the world’s resources, forced seizure of land and desecration of the environment to maximize the profit and power of big business and the ruling elite.

APEC gives the ruling elite and big business class all of this at the expense of the rest of us. The people are time and time again excluded from APEC and the policies it decides on, so that this class can keep control of our livelihoods as our living conditions worsen. It’s time to fight back so we can win a better world, a world beyond APEC and other profit-oriented institutions!

WE FIGHT FOR a world where all workers have pay and workplace protection, where all working people have the right to unionize and organize, where value is what you contribute to the community, NOT a world where workers are surviving month- to-month, being left alone to challenge the bosses, or valued by how much you produce for corporate owners.

WE FIGHT FOR collective and community control of land, consistent and unconditional access to nutritious and affordable food, liveable housing and shelter for all, NOT foreign control through corporate takeovers, urban food deserts and agricultural monopolies in rural areas that feed profits over people, crumbling, unsafe and unaffordable living situations that favor real estate investment over peoples’ needs.

WE FIGHT FOR safe and breathable air, clean and healthy water and nutrient-rich soil, a stabilized climate system, and protection of biodiversity and the natural world, NOT for pollution and stripped land from corporate-negligence and plunder, business “resiliency” that prioritizes profit-driven mass extinction with a slow shift from fossil fuels for corporate monopolies while the people are hit with floods, droughts, heatwaves, superstorms and rising seas.

WE FIGHT FOR safe and empowered communities, just and lasting peace, social services like education, healthcare and safe infrastructure, NOT for police violence and harassment on behalf of big business, perpetual economic rivalry that fuels global military conflict, and endless military spending on wars of aggression for profit.

WE FIGHT FOR full transparency from our political leaders and to be active players in all decisions that affect us, for national liberation and self-determination for socio-economic development and an end to the racism, gender oppression and other social inequalities that follow the profit motive, and for international solidarity, NOT for economic deals prioritizing profit and plunder that fuel national oppression and imperialist globalization!

To achieve this world, these many fights must be united as one. To wage this united fight against the profit-oriented system that APEC and IPEF are a part of, we must build a mass movement across all issues, generations and borders. The No To APEC Coalition has been an example of such a movement, and the months-long campaign, counter summit and the actions we will take against the APEC heads of state are proof of the power we can have when we fight together.

The No To APEC Coalition thus resolves to:

  • Directly confront the APEC Heads of State Summit while it meets here in San Francisco and do what we can to SHUT IT DOWN!
  • Build unity between our struggles here in the US and international solidarity with other countries impacted by APEC and IPEF on issues of shared concern, including support for future anti-APEC actions in Peru 2024 and other countries in the years to come.
  • Continue to uplift the interests of people and planet over profit and plunder for the long term. Wherever APEC and IPEF go, the people fight back, and wherever people are struggling for a brighter world, we’ll be there to join the fight!

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