The International League of Peoples Struggles – Asia and the Pacific (ILPS-AP) condemns the continued bombing of civilian population by the Myanmar military regime. Last October 9, 2023, 28 civilians were killed after the Myanmar junta conducted an air strike in Mung Lai Hkyet displacement camp in the Kachin State, close to the Myanmar border with China. The camp is hosted displaced people since 2011.
Aside from the common use of aerial bombings, reports from the independent investigators have asserted that an increase in crimes against civilian population is occurring in Myanmar. According to the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) established by the United Nations Human Rights Commission in 2018, those “being committed with the highest levels of cruelty and harm to the victims, including rape with objects, other forms of humiliation, mutilation, gang or serial rape and sexual enslavement”.
Similar to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) massive and continued use of aerial bombardments against the Palestinian people, the Myanmar junta has increasingly relied on air attacks, branding their targets as terrorists then bombarding the civilian population with bombs and rockets.
The ILPS-AP calls on the Myanmar junta to immediately stop the use of aerial bombardments against the people of Myanmar. The perpetrators of these war crimes must be held accountable and punished. The League also calls an end to the Tatmadaw (armed forces) military junta, and supports a return to civilian rule.
Stop the aerial bombardments targeting the people of Myanmar!
End the Tatmadaw military rule!
Freedom for the people of Myanmar!

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