Statement of the ILPS Commission 3 (On the civil, political, economic, social, and cultural fields)

The International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) expresses solidarity with all political prisoners and prisoners of war from Palestine, the Philippines, Turkey, India, Colombia, West Papua, Moluccas, Indonesia, Kurdistan, Iran, Syria, Mexico, Basque, Belarus, Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua, Germany, France, Netherlands, Egypt, Morocco, the United States, and various other parts of the world. These courageous activists and freedom fighters ardently resist and fight fascism and US Imperialism in their homelands.

ILPS firmly supports the call to free all Palestinian political prisoners. We demand the release of over 8,300 individuals, including women and children incarcerated in multiple prisons by the US-Israel Zionist governments, perpetuating harm against the Palestinian population. We demand that the US-Zionist government upholds International Humanitarian Law, respects basic rights, and ensures humane conditions for Palestinian prisoners and prisoners of war.

ILPS calls for the freedom of the elderly couple Izaak Siahaja and Pelpina Werinussa Siahaja, detained in Indonesia since June 2019. We also demand the release of ailing Victor Yeimo, the international spokesperson of the West Papua National Committee, detained since May 9, 2021. Additionally, ILPS stands in solidarity with the seven Papuan students arrested in West Papua for raising the Morning Star flag.

In solidarity with the people of India, we demand the just and humanitarian release of activist and professor Dr. G. N. Saibaba. We condemn the high court of India for obstructing his release, stressing that his health condition warrants immediate humanitarian consideration. We vehemently denounce the continuous denial of basic rights by the fascist government of India.

ILPS demands the unconditional freedom of all political prisoners in Turkey, including lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, who suffers from an illness, and members of the folk-rock band Grup Yorum. ILPS also demands the release of George Ibrahim Abdallah in France and Amin Abu Rashed in the Netherlands.

We call for the humanitarian release of long-time and ailing Basque political prisoner Patxi Ruiz. ILPS also demands the release of Kurdish political activist Zeinab Jalalian, imprisoned in Iran since 2008, as well as all women political prisoners worldwide, including Filipino activist Adora Faye de Vera, who endured ill treatment during the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines.

We urgently demand the immediate release of all National Democratic Front of the Philippines peace consultants who are presently detained in various jails and prisons across the Philippines, as well as the rest of the nearly 800 political prisoners in the country. 

ILPS strongly denounces the global surge in arrests and detentions of activists, critical opposition members, revolutionaries, and dissidents, as it shows that their persecution is systematic, aimed at silencing any form of dissent or challenge to the status quo.

The united and fighting people of the world declare resoundingly: to rebel is just, especially in a world crisis that enriches the wealthy while draining the lifeblood of the world’s poorest. Our unwavering call for genuine freedom must echo throughout the world, as long as we believe in the possibility of another world for future generations.

Today, on the ILPS International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, we call for their immediate and unconditional release from prison and captivity.

Free all political prisoners! Down with imperialism! Continue the fight for people’s rights!

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