Statement of the ILPS Commission 3 (On Human Rights in the Civil, Political, Economic, Social, and Cultural Fields)

ILPS Commission 3 expresses its support and solidarity to Samidoun, and strongly condemn the ban imposed upon them by the government of Germany. We protest the ban on Samidoun and the current wave of political repression against the people’s rights to freedom of expression, association, protest and dissent.
We salute the courage of the people who stand their ground and speak out against the genocide of the Palestinian people. We weep and cry out, but we rise in anger at how the people of Palestine have suffered and endured under the Zionist Israeli regime’s settler colonialism.

We call for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners and an end to the attacks against the Palestinian peoples as they call for liberation and genuine justice and peace in their land. More than 7,000 Palestinians are unjustly imprisoned by the Zionist Israeli government without due process or trial. They have been subject to physical and mental torture, and even prolonged solitary confinement, and suffer from ill treatment and denial of their basic rights as prisoners, such as family visits, access to proper and adequate health care, education and phone calls. These are all grave violations of their rights under international humanitarian law.

All the war crimes and genocide by the Zionist Israel and imperialist powers especially the US that fund and sponsor the attacks against the Palestinian people should be strongly condemned, as we also demand for full accountability and reparations. Other fascist States should be warned that those that take the path in support of imperialist wars of aggression, anti-terror attacks that are essentially anti-people, will face the growing people’s resistance from around the world for justice, genuine freedom, that of Palestine and of the oppressed peoples of the world.

We strive to gather the most number of people, from different nations, and regions in the world, to denounce these crimes against humanity, and stand by the historical and basic right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, their right to return and liberation.

We will continue to struggle with the people of Palestine and the fighting peoples of the world against imperialism, and support movements for national liberation and resistance against imperialist wars of aggression.

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