It gives me great pleasure to be invited to give a solidarity message from the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS), on the important occasion of the BAYAN, Hong Kong & Macau’s Third Assembly on the 27th of August, 2023.

Hundreds of delegates from BAYAN – HKM affiliates are expected to hear and discuss reports and elect new officials for the period ahead.

The people of the world, along with the people of Hong Kong and Macau are suffering from the ills of the capitalist system. 

The people are suffering from aggressive wars and war mongering, from ongoing and deepening capitalist economic crisis, from an ecological crisis which threatens the very globe itself, from the massive homelessness crisis which is impacting tens of millions, and from the attacks on the wages, conditions and jobs of millions of workers, peasants and other toilers, whilst the rich get richer and richer.

Capitalism long ago developed to its Imperialist stage, a stage in which the richest and most powerful states use their military and economic dominance to control the destiny of less powerful states, and to ensure that most countries in the so-called third world are kept in colonial domination to ensure that the imperialist countries can go on making super profits out of the wealth, minerals, land and cheap labour of others.

This state of the world must end, and only the toilers of the world can end it. Only they can remove the rich from governing in the interests of their own super profits, and move to a state where the toilers, the people who make and produce all of the worlds needs, govern in the interests of the people’s needs and not for profit.

The people of Hong Kong and Macau suffer along with all of us from the worsening ills of the capitalist /imperialist system. The BAYAN Hong Kong/Macau Chapter, is an alliance of the people fighting for a better world, and we congratulate you for that.

The ILPS, is made up of hundreds of fighting organisations like yours, spread right across the world, and we express our militant solidarity with your struggles and with your fine efforts to organise your 3rd assembly.

 We wish you well with your endeavours and we wish every success to the newly elected executive committee in their programme, activities and struggles in the future.

Long live international solidarity!

Long live the people’s resistance to imperialism!

Long live the struggle for democracy and liberation!


Len Cooper

Chairperson ILPS

August 2023



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