🎙️New Episode of Peoples’ Struggle Podcast!

Get ready for the 4th episode of our podcast, ‘Palestine Will Not Be Silenced! Fighting Back Against the Zionist Media Narrative’. 

LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2755bR6AHqCk1wutXIpucO?si=Dv30h89fS8WkkunFBeLr-Q

In this episode, we will talk about Palestine as this year’s flashpoint country, which is arguably at the world center of the anti-imperialist movement right now. We will highlight the current narratives being propagated by the Zionist US-Israel that normalize the intensifying genocide and occupation in Palestine. 

With guest Nadya Tannous from the Palestinian Youth Movement, we will also shed light on the counter-narratives that the Palestinian resistance and the people of the world continue to amplify.

Tune in and join us! If you think of ideas of what you’d like to hear on future programs, please email us at [email protected] or you may comment down below the podcast  and let us know your ideas!


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