ILPS statement on Israel’s attack on Iran, Syria, Iraq, escalation of tensions in the region 

We stand in firm condemnation of genocidal Israel’s recent coordinated missile attack on Iran, Iraq and Syria. The US-supported Zionist regime is hell-bent on spreading its barbarism in the region and must be opposed continuously by the peoples of the world. 

Israel indeed declared that Iran’s retaliatory attacks “will be met with a response” and threatened that “Iran will not go unpunished.” On April 19, the rogue state of Israel launched an assault on the cities of Isfahan and Tabriz, Iran. Simultaneously, its bombs struck southern Syria and Baghdad, Iraq, targeting a high-level meeting of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This demonstrates that Israel will strike at any country with a brazen disregard for sovereignty and an aim to escalate tensions in West Asia. 

These attacks, known to and sanctioned by the US, purportedly aimed to convey to Iran that Israel possessed the capability to strike within its borders. 

Through the US, the G7, a club of the world’s imperialist powers, shamelessly took the side of Israel and vowed to help the Zionist state to “defend” itself. This is despite the G7’s frantic efforts to pressure Israel against retaliating, a move aimed at halting a regional war that the US and the G7 powers could keep the initiative in. This reflects the reality of the multipolar world order we find ourselves in, in which US imperialism, desperate and overstretched around the world as it is, cannot afford multiple regional conflicts at the same time. The hypocritical stance of US imperialism is also glaring as it never held the apartheid state of Israel accountable for its attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria, on April 1 this year.

The US has proven time and again that the warmongering state of Israel has the full protection of Western powers. As if omnipotent gods, Britain, France, and primarily the US intercepted 99% of Iranian weapons from reaching Israeli airspace, exposing their sophisticated military coordination and, in turn, their outright military support of Zionist rule. Further proving their hegemony, the US and the European Union announced that new sanctions would be imposed on Iran.

Iran retaliated on April 13 in response to Israel’s violation of diplomatic norms and international treaties by bombing an Iranian consulate in Syria, resulting in the deaths of diplomats, generals, and civilians. Not only is Iran’s response justified, but liberation movements view it as rightful reprisal for the genocidal US-backed war being waged by Israel in Gaza since October, which has claimed the lives of more than 34,000 Palestinians, including over 14000 children.

Iran is not the aggressor here. The history of provocations and attacks by Israel against Iran underscores the need for condemnation. From assassinations of Iranian scientists to joint covert operations with the US war machine, Israel’s aggression has been relentless.

Israel’s wars of aggression target the peoples of Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq as a response to their resistance against imperialism and occupation. The people of the Arab region are bravely asserting their sovereignty, independence, and self-determination in the face of these attacks, challenging the dominance of US imperialism and its Zionist ally.

We vow to hold US imperialism, genocidal Israel, and all predatory classes accountable for their crimes against humanity. They must face justice. We reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with the Palestinians and the peoples of the region in their ongoing resistance.

More than ever, we have to be vigilant as the death machines of imperialism gear toward Iran and the wider region. We must build greater international solidarity to achieve just peace, whether in Occupied Palestine, Iran, or across West Asia. ILPS stands firmly with the people in the struggle for liberation, sovereignty, and the defiance of all forms of oppression.

No to War on Iran! 

Down with the genocidal Israel!

Down with US Imperialism!



Len Cooper

ILPS Chairperson

21 April 2024

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