Junk G7! No to War, End Warmongering and War Preparations! US Out of Asia Pacific! No to Japan Militarism!
LOOK: Prior to this year’s G7 Hiroshima Summit, the International People’s Front, together with the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and other allied organizations gather for the Peoples’ Summit to Counter G7 in Kyoto, Japan.
The event aims to expose and oppose the G7 as a tool of hegemonic US imperialism, and to highlight the US-led war strategy that the G7 countries help to carry out globally.
Following the Peoples’ Summit, on-ground and online mobilizations will also take place in the next two days in different parts of the world to amplify the following calls:
Junk G7!
US Out of Asia Pacific!
End the Build-Up to War!
No to Warmongering!
No to Japan Militarism!
Resist US-Led Wars!
Down with US Imperialism!
Participating organizations under the International People’s Front:
International League of Peoples’ Struggle, Asia Pacific Research Network, RESIST-US Led War Movement, Workers International Struggles Initiatives, Peoples’ Coalition for Food Sovereignty, Asian Rural Women’s Coalitioon, Indigenous Peoples’ Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation, International Migrants Alliance, International Women’s Alliance, International People’s Research Network, Peace for Life, People Over Profit, Kurdistan National Congress, Masar Badil Palestinian Alternative Revolutionay Path Movement, Youth Brigade International, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Asian Peasant Coalition

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