Kyoto, Japan
Activists hold a Peoples’ Summit to Counter the G7!
Junk G7! US out of the Asia Pacific! End the Build-up to War!
Kyoto, Japan- Activists from Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Okinawa, and the United States held a People’s Summit to expose and oppose the G7 as a tool of hegemonic US imperialism and highlight the US-Led war strategy that the G7 helps to carry out globally. The Summit was held in Kyoto immediately prior to the G7 meeting in Hiroshima and took place as the culmination of a three month long campaign of education and action exposing the G7’s role in US-Led war around the world. The summit will be followed by two days of protest actions and a forum sponsored by the Asia Wide Coalition in Hiroshima.
The summit convened activists from migrant, anti-war, church and national liberation struggles to oppose the US-Bases and build up to war in the Asia Pacific. As part of the US Indo-Pacific strategy and Pivot to the Asia-Pacific, the US is building an economic and military encirclement of China to shore up its allies in the Asia-Pacific. The G7 plays a key role in advancing the strategy of US-Led war including expansion of military bases, nuclear arms build-up, military agreements and exercises, and new bilateral and trilateral military agreements. The military build-up signals a sharp escalation in the threat of war as new deployments of nuclear armed submarines, massive military exercises and strengthening of US-Led military alliances like AUKUS and the 2w.
Hosts of the forum were the International Peoples Front, Asia Wide Campaign Against US and Japanese Imperialism, International League of Peoples Struggle, Asia Pacific Research Network, and the Resist US-Led War Movement.

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