ILPS Commission 1 (The cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation against imperialism and all reaction) condemns in absolute terms the apartheid state of Israel and US-led imperialism in their relentless genocidal attacks on Palestine. Washington’s third and  most recent use of veto power to quash a UN Security Council draft resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza has been drawing outrage and condemnation worldwide as it further exposes US-led imperialism and “Israel’ as  ultimate perpetrators of genocide. 

Stand with Palestinian Resistance 

Our member and allied organizations are ever united in our unqualified support for the Palestinian Resistance and its staunch defenders and fighters extending to countries in West Asia. The Al Aqsa Flood is a  stark reminder of the enduring struggle and urgent need for liberation and justice in Palestine. 

The resurgence of the Palestinian struggle for national liberation has, for over four months, demonstrated its resolve to end occupation. This aspiration to freedom, from the river to the sea, is a significant contribution to the worldwide struggle to defeat imperialism and fascism. From the perspective of liberation and justice, a demand for ceasefire  cannot be divorced from and an alternative to the Palestinian Resistance’s struggle to end occupation and war. 

UNSC Under US Imperialist Dictates

The recent United States veto of the UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza  goes against the very principles of peace and justice that the United Nations claim to stand for. Amidst the  fatal and criminal siege of the  Israeli Occupying Army (IOF) and with over 36,000 killed, 2 million displaced and US and “Israeli” blockade of humanitarian aid to Palestinians, a humanitarian ceasefire was demanded in the latest  Algerian-drafted resolution, which the US blocked and the UK abstained from. 

The resolution was based on  South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, which resulted in an interim decision issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ)  last month. The ICJ requires “Israel” to take action to stop acts of genocide on the land. It also called for the unconditional and prompt release of every hostage. In this context, the US veto sets a dangerous and an unacceptable precedent for the international community that continues to stand with Palestine and abides by the world’s highest court’s decision binding all nations and peoples to stop the Israeli genocide at all cost. 

We hold US-led imperialism accountable for its deplorable actions. It has historically manufactured the apartheid state of Israel and given a green light to the latter’s brutal military occupation of Palestine. It has consistently blocked United Nations (UN) member countries’ principled calls for immediate relief and other measures toward justice and peace for Palestine. 

Global Resistance to End Genocide

We enjoin our member and allied organizations to amplify the global call to action to end the US-Israeli genocidal war on Palestine and deepen and widen the support for the  Palestinian Resistance’s struggle for national liberation and right to self determination. 

We salute the painstaking efforts of the Axis of Resistance that has taken the people’s war of liberation  in Palestine to a regional and international scale. In this light, we reach out and appeal to all anti-fascist and anti-imperialist formations and organizations worldwide to deepen and widen our people-to-people  solidarity and continue to  build the global anti-fascist, anti-imperialist united front to defeat US-led imperialism and reaction and build a bright socialist future. ###

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