TORONTO: On International Human Rights Day, join ILPS Canada and allied organizations for a rally and march to affirm the right of the working class and oppressed peoples to resist imperialism by any means necessary.
In Palestine, the Zionist state has labeled the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people against the genocide, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of their homeland as “terrorism.” In the Philippines, the US-backed Marcos regime has criminalized, killed, and disappeared activists who are fighting for national and social liberation. In the Tamil Homeland, the Sri Lankan state continues to subject activists to arrests, threats, and surveillance, as well as destroying the memorials dedicated to their revolutionary martyrs.
The ruling classes of imperialist nations such as the US, Canada, UK, and Germany are also removing their “democratic” facade to openly harass and criminalize activists organizing in solidarity with these movements, while selling weapons and channeling billions of dollars to reactionary regimes in the Global South to aid their counterinsurgency campaigns.
Faced with this global onslaught of state terrorism, we must be loud and clear: When people are occupied, resistance is justified! It is right to rebel against imperialism, capitalism, and settler colonialism!

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