The ILPS Commission 10 salutes and stands in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples (IP) and national minorities fighting for their right to self-determination and liberation from state oppression and imperialism in this year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Today, we salute and remember all the triumphs that Indigenous Peoples and national minorities have realized in their continuing struggles.

Today, the worsening attacks on Indigenous Peoples lands, rights, lives, culture, territories and resources is rooted in the national oppression which subjugates their right to self-determination over capitalist dominance and imperialist powers.

From the genocide brought by the colonial expansionism in the olden days, its new face turns into fascism against tribes, ethnic groups, aboriginals and first nations. 

Massive and forced displacement, bombing and militarization of communities, killings of IP leaders, weaponization of law, counter-insurgency and anti-terror state policies, and criminalization of indigenous activists is at a rampant rate. Indigenous Peoples at the rural communities are at the receiving end of imperialist wars and wars against the people yearning for genuine independence.

Discrimination, racism, vilification, hate crimes and state-sponsored divide-and-rule schemes over people of color, minorities, and tribes is at an increasing level side by side with the rapid plunder of the world’s natural resources and the capitalist enslavement of workers and peoples.

It’s now more than ever that the relevance of uniting with movements fighting for systemic change, people-led development centered on equality and common good, a socialist alternative and national liberation for Indigenous Peoples becomes more urgent.

We echo our stand that the wider oppressed population, including our Indigenous Peoples and national minorities, must join in the struggle against the current exploitative and unjust system.

Every attack on Indigenous Peoples lives and lands must receive the warmest solidarity action from laborers, youth, and women in the interest of advancing the revolution against a common oppressor. Youth and academics must reject the erasure and distortion of Indigenous identity and history, while peasants must link their fight for agrarian revolution with Indigenous Peoples struggle for ancestral territories.

Our struggle for self-determination must always take an anti-imperialist form.

Only then can we live in a self-determined future free from colonial injustices, exercising our full rights as peoples of culture and ways of life that are diverse, distinct and free.

Struggle for our right to self-determination and liberation!

Long live international solidarity!

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