The International League or Peoples’ Struggle-US joined the Pacific Northwest People Over Profit Coalition (PNW POP) and other allied networks in the Peoples’ Counter Summit Against APEC in Seattle.

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) is coming to Seattle in August to establish major international trade deals. The ministers and businesses involved prioritize corporate profits over people’s needs while crafting agreements that will impact over 3 billion people around the world.

The trade deal that will be the focus of these trade talks is called the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). IPEF already includes fourteen countries, and between them, would set rules governing approximately 40% of the global economy. More countries are expected to join IPEF, too, and it could become the template for new trade deals around the world.

IPEF would see a major increase in the power of multinational corporations, more offshoring of jobs during an already intense unemployment crisis, easy access to personal data by corporations and governments for surveillance and profit motives, deregulation of price and product quality standards, and the further erosion of democratic governance in the US and around the Pacific.

Join the People’s Counter Summit Against APEC to build a movement highlighting the struggles and resistance of workers, migrants, and many others in the face of corporate-government collusion! Wherever APEC goes, the people fight back!!

The next activity will be a mobilization up to the gates of the Seattle Convention Center to confront the APEC senior finance officials meeting.



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