The ILPS Commission 13 reaffirms our unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people in their quest for liberation. We acknowledge and support their unity and courageous resistance to challenge the historical and systemic injustices they have been enduring under US-backed Israeli apartheid for over 75 years.

The struggle of the Palestinian people is an emblematic example of resilience and determination, rooted in the pursuit of fundamental human rights, freedom, and self-determination. We stand firmly alongside them in this just cause.

Furthermore, we denounce Israel’s retaliatory actions and the backing it receives from the imperialist United States, which includes supplying weapons that have targeted civilian populations in occupied Gaza. Israel has additionally gained notoriety for its utilization, advancement, and trade of invasive cutting-edge surveillance technology. This includes the infamous Pegasus software, developed by the Israel-based NSO Group, which has been used to monitor and intimidate not only dissidents and the Palestinian community but also journalists, anti-Zionist movements, and activists from various corners of the world.

Such practices not only infringe upon privacy rights and undermine the principles of free expression and dissent—which are essential for any democratic society—but also lead to physical forms of violence. We firmly believe that science and technology should be used and developed for the betterment of humanity, promote inclusivity, and uphold the dignity of all individuals.

In expressing our solidarity with the Palestinian people, we join the global chorus demanding justice, an end to oppression, and the realization of their legitimate aspirations. We enjoin all freedom-loving scientists, technologists, and other STEM professionals and workers to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and push back against the use of technologies by the US-Israel war machine to oppress the Palestinian masses. Our vision advocates for a world where science and technology serve as instruments of empowerment and upliftment for all, rather than tools used to suppress those who are striving for their fundamental rights and liberation.

From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!

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