February 23, 2024

The International League of People’s Struggle Commission on the struggle of teachers and other education workers against imperialism and for an alternative future, or ILPS Commission 11, vehemently condemns the recent airstrike on a school in Myanmar’s south-eastern Karenni state. 

The attack, which occurred on February 5, 2024, resulted in the tragic deaths of four children and left at least 15 others injured.

The victims, young boys aged 12 to 14, were students at the school in Daw Si Ei village, which was serving approximately 200 students and operated by local community members and former government teachers. 

This reprehensible act has left two additional children in critical condition, with injuries sustained to the head and abdomen.

Since the military coup in February 2021, Myanmar’s military junta has resorted to brutal tactics in its attempt to suppress opposition to its rule. Airstrikes and scorched earth tactics have been indiscriminately employed, targeting civilian areas, schools, medical facilities, and religious buildings. This egregious violation of human rights and international law must be met with swift condemnation and decisive action.

The ILPS Commission 11 echoes the voices of school children and educators who have been deprived of their fundamental right to education due to the political turmoil in Myanmar. 

We stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar in their resistance against fascism and militarism. It is imperative that the international education community rally behind the struggle for true independence and justice in Myanmar.

We call for an immediate cessation of airstrikes and the prohibition of supplies to the oppressive military regime. 

We denounce the complicity of American and European military corporations that profit from the Tatmadaw’s violence against the people of Myanmar. 

The ILPS Commission 11 stands united with the Karenni people and the broader population of Myanmar in their demand for the dismantling of the fascist military dictatorship.

The recent escalation of violence in Karenni state underscores the urgent need for international intervention to protect civilian lives and uphold the principles of democracy and human rights. 

The ILPS Commission 11 urges the global community to stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar and support their right to self-determination.#

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