The International League of People’s Struggle Commission 10 condemns the act of terror that the fascist Myanmar military dictatorship continues to commit against the people and the Karenni schools in Myanmar. Last February 5, theairstrike in the public school in Loinanpha Village, Demoso Township, Karenni State, killed four students between the ages of 11 and 13 and injured many, creating an impact on the safety of the children. According to the data shown by the UN OCHR in 2023, airstrikes increased from 301 airstrikes in April 2021 to March 2022 to 687 airstrikes in April 2022 to July 2023. With this, as long as the military dictatorship continues to exist, the rights of the students and the people will be continuously violated.

In the last three years, the people of Myanmar have been demanding accountability because of the inhumane acts that the Tatmadaw-led Myanmar military dictatorship blatantly commits. The fascist military has been targeting civilian areas and infrastructure, including schools, medical facilities, andreligious buildings. We enjoin everyone to continue strengthening solidarity with the Karenni people, all the ethnic nationalities, and oppressed peoples of Myanmar. Let us strongly denounce the violations of children’s lives and rights and hold the military dictatorship accountable for the brutal crimes. People must unite and work relentlessly with all the revolutionary forces against the military dictatorship to demand justice and freedom.

The Commission 10 joins the call to end the airstrikes and the banning of supplies to the fascist Myanmar military. We condemn the American and European military corporations that make profit off the Tatmadaw’s war against the people.  We are one with the Karenni people, and the broad population of Myanmar in calling for the dismantling of fascist military dictatorship. We stand united, and in solidarity with the people of Myanmar towards the right to self-determination and justice of the people in the Karenni State of Myanmar.

ILPS Commission 10 Secretariat
[email protected]

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