ILPS Asia-Pacific stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and the world against genocide and apartheid. We stand together with the world in calling for an immediate end of the blockade, assault and genocide of Gaza, for the protection of civilian lives, the elderly, women, babies and children, along their life-saving infrastructures and basic social service including food, water and electricity.

After the October 7 Al-Aqsa Flood, with the backing of US and other Western imperialists, Israel responded with an intensified campaign of genocide directed against the people of Palestine. The signal-fire for the escalation of the genocidal campaign was with Netanyahu, together with genocide enablers inside and outside of Israel, claiming that civilians inside Gaza are “legitimate targets”, “collateral damage” in their operation against Hamas.

After more than a month of carpet bombing the 300 km2 Gaza strip, the Zionist Israel Defense Force (IDF) have killed more than 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza, with almost half of those butchered being children and babies. The IDF is ethnic-cleansing Gaza through airstrikes and a blockade of basic necessities. Netanyahu ordered the IDF to cut off fuel, electricity, water, and humanitarian aid from Gaza. The IDF has bombed Gaza’s sewage system, leaving solid waste to accumulate in the streets. The IDF is deliberate in targeting schools, media centers, religious centers, and hospitals, claiming these are operation centers of Hamas.

As more and more people of the world are realizing that the Palestinians are victims of apartheid, colonialism, and imperialism, the street actions directed against Netanyahu and the Zionist are growing by the day. Millions of people are assembling on the streets during weekends, with millions more studying the history of the colonialist project against Palestine. Zionism is ever more exposed as an extension of imperialist and colonial control.

Inside Israel, Netanyahu and his far-right party Likud is ever becoming isolated against democratic and freedom loving people. The narrative that the Zionist can do what it wants, including genocide against other peoples because of the Holocaust, is being eroded and exposed. The US administration led by Biden, being among the staunchest ally of Netanyahu, and among the biggest funder and enabler of the genocide, is seeing hundreds of thousands of people in the US protesting against the genocide.

Despite the dire situation inside Gaza, the Palestine people are standing proud as torch-bearers of the struggles against apartheid, colonialism and Imperialism. Millions of ordinary Palestinians today continue to resist the genocide being perpetrated by the US-backed Netanyahu regime. We salute the brave Palestinian workers in the sectors of healthcare, aid, the media, and more. The people in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, those exiled from and outside of Palestine are resolved to fight for freedom from national oppression.

The Palestinian resistance is a guiding light to all oppressed peoples in the Asia-Pacific. They have and continue to support our struggles against our own colonial and neo-colonial masters. Palestine deserves our support in kind by calling to end Israeli genocide and apartheid. We must be united with them in the great task of decolonizing the entire region. With the encouragement of the US, Zionist state leaders like Netanyahu are carrying out another Nakba in Gaza. Palestinians and the peoples of the world must respond with a global intifada against colonialism and imperialism.

End the blockade, the assault and genocide of Gaza!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!


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