Thank you for standing up against the injustice in Palestine. Here’s your quick and easy-to-follow toolkit to make a real impact:

1. Take to the Streets!✊

Organize and join actions at Israeli, US embassies, institutions demanding accountability for the ongoing genocide. Let’s make our voices heard. Find a protest near you. 

2. Join the BDS campaign 🚫
Join the boycott, divest, and sanction campaign against Israel. 

Boycott: Refrain from purchasing goods and services from companies supporting the genocide of Palestinians.

Divest: Ensure your investments aren’t funding the genocide. Divest from companies complicit in Israel’s regime of settler colonialism, apartheid and occupation over the Palestinian people.

Sanction: Advocate for governmental sanctions against Israel– banning business with Israel, ending military trade and free-trade agreements, and suspending Israel’s membership in the UN and other global institutions. 

Detailed guide of targeted consumer boycotts, divestment and pressure campaigns.

3. Educate, Educate, Educate! 📣

📚 Conduct education information campaigns to educate the people on the Palestinian struggle and engage mainstream and alternative media.

Resources: Palestine 101

4. Sign the Urgent Appeal 

Support the Palestinian Struggle for Liberation and Food Sovereignty by signing and sharing the Urgent Appeal.

✊ For organizations:  

✊ For individuals:

5. Take Action – Send a Letter!✉️

Express your concern. Send this letter to governments, to media institutions, decision-makers of our community and country, urging an end to the genocide in Palestine. Your letters create pressure, and collectively, our voices matter!

6. Wear Your Support 🇵🇸

Show your solidarity by changing your profile picture to Stop the Genocide  or proudly wear your kaffiyeh. Every share, every symbol counts. Let the world know where you stand. 

7. Stay Connected 📲

Follow us for real-time updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay informed, share information, and be part of the conversation.

Follow us:

ILPS: FB: ILPSOfficial, TWT: @ILPS_Official, IG: @ilps_official

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8. Globalize solidarity 🌐

Advance the democratic and anti-imperialist struggles in all fronts across the globe. Strengthen our international solidarity.  Connect with anti-imperialist movements. Share stories, support each other, join ILPS. 

#FreePalestine #StopTheGenocide #RiseForPalestine 🇵🇸✊

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