ILPS in Canada members were out on the streets this past week in Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa, to show support and solidarity for the Palestinian people. 

Canada is complicit in the oppression and displacement of the Palestinian people. All major Canadian political parties have been silent on the issue of Palestine and have spoken in favour of the Zionist regime. Canadian military aid to Israel reached a 30-year high, reaching a value of $26 million, as Israel continues to drop banned weapons on the people of Gaza. The Canadian bank Scotiabank is the largest foreign investor, with a share of over $500 million in Elbit Systems, an Israeli company that exports weapons “battle-tested” on the Palestinian people to fascist regimes, including to Philippines and India. Canadian media and institutions, such as the CBC and various school boards in Canada, continue to express anti-Palestinian bias.

However, the people are fighting back. We know that the liberation of Palestine is tied to the liberation of all of us against the global imperialist system. From Palestine to the Philippines, stop the imperialist war machine! 





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