ILPS in Canada reaffirms its support for the Palestinian resistance during the most recent events in Gaza. 

On the morning of October 7, the Palestinian resistance in Gaza launched operation “Al-Aqsa Flood”. The resistance took to new heights as bulldozers were used to tear up Zionist-built border fences and Palestinian forces directly confronted the Zionist regime. These actions were taken in part to bargain for the freedom of over 5,200 Palestinian political prisoners currently held in Zionist jails.

ILPS in Canada passed numerous resolutions at our previous National Assembly to support the ongoing struggle of Palestinian political prisoners and to fight the siege on Gaza. As such,  we unequivocally support the ongoing struggle for liberation and return in Palestine, and uplift and ho nour the Palestinian resistance. 

In Canada, we must uplift the resistance by demanding that our own governments and institutions stop supporting the Zionist regime. Notably, Canada’s arms sales to Israel have accelerated in recent years, reaching a 30-year high of $19.5 million in 2020. While Israel continues to act with impunity, Canadian-made explosives and vehicles are being used to enact violence on the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, the Canadian bank Scotiabank is now the largest foreign investor in Israeli arms company Elbit Systems Ltd, with a share of more than $500 million.  Elbit remains the top supplier of drones used by the Israeli military for attacks on Palestinians, and is also a major supplier of technology to support surveillance by the Israeli military and police. 

We call on o ur members and supporters to show their solidarity with the Palestinian resistance in the coming days. We are aware of the following events and actions this weekend in Canada:

Montreal: Sunday, Oct 8, 2pm, Dorchester Square

Ottawa: Sunday, Oct 8, 2pm, 220 Elgin Street

Edmonton: Sunday, Oct 8, 5pm, Castle Downs Park, 11520 153 Avenue

Vancouver: Monday, Oct 9, 2pm, Vancouver Art Gallery

Toronto: Monday, Oct 9, 2pm, Nathan Philips Square

Resistance until Return and LIberation!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be Free!


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