20 May 2023
ILPS HK and Macau Statement on the International Day of Action Against G7
Junk G7!
Resist Imperialist Plunder and War in Asia Pacific!
We from the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) Hong Kong and Macau chapter are one with the peoples of the world in joining today’s global solidarity action of the International People’s Front (IPF) at the end of the people’s summit and mass action in Kyoto and Hiroshima Japan against the ongoing meetings of the G7.
The G7 led by the imperialist US are countries that brought sufferings and deaths in many countries around the world through its wars of aggression and imperialist globalization. Through military strength and economic power, they aggressively advanced their desire to control the world’s resources and establish global economic and political supremacy.
Under the pretence of “assistance” to poor and less developed countries to develop their military capability to defend their territories from “foreign aggressors”, US imperialism was able to establish its military presence in the region. It is clear however that the goal of the G7 is to make sure that they monopolize and control the wealth and resources of the countries in the Asian and Pacific regions.
But history have shown us that in all the countries where imperialists brought wars, only poverty, displacement, destruction of the environment, looting of natural resources, and death is awaiting its people specially the toiling masses of workers and peasants.
The G7 only ensures that poor countries are kept poor, economically backward and dependent to imperialists. It will not help poor countries to develop and industrialize. G7 countries rely on cheap labor including temporary migrant workforce. The G7 is dependent on migrant workers for their stock of cheap, docile and disposable labor. It is clear that the G7’s interest in the Asia Pacific is not to help small countries but to further expand their economic, political and military dominance and control over countries in the region.
ILPS HK & Macau are united with the people of the world against the exploitation and deception of the US imperialist and its G7 allies. We call for an end to wars of aggression and interference of the G7 in Asia Pacific countries. As long as imperialist plunder and exploitation of our countries remain, the people’s resistance will continue and grow stronger. ###

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