The ILPS in Canada sends our solidarity to the mobilizations of the International People’s Front at the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan during this weekend between May 18-20. The G7 is representative of the world’s top imperialist powers, which only accounts for 10% of the world’s population but over half of global wealth. The G7 agenda aims to continue wars of aggression and increase their monopoly capitalist greed. This agenda has destructive effects on much of the world’s people who are facing its consequences of economic insecurity, environmental plunder, and displacement.

Canada has been a member of the G7 since 1976 and has hosted six G7 summits to date. While Canada likes to portray itself as a progressive force during G7 summits, it allies with the other G7 countries in pushing for neoliberal economic policies and increased military aggression.

Canadian oil and gas is used to supply much of the US military, as almost all of Canada’s crude oil exports are to the US. The US military is the single largest consumer of oil globally. At the same time, oil and gas extraction continues to cause great harm to Indigenous communities within Canadian borders.

Furthermore, Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy announced last November 2022 shows that it aims to follow the US’ “Pivot to Asia”, in building up its military in the Asia-Pacific. Canada will aim to increase its military aid and training to numerous ASEAN countries, including in the Philippines and Indonesia, where Canadian companies have numerous mining interests. Additionally, Canada aims to increase its naval presence in the South China Sea and increase its participation in military exercises in the region. This clearly aligns with the US-NATO strategy of building up towards a war with China in the Asia-Pacific, which is detrimental to both the people of the region and also the Canadian working class.

People’s resistance against the G7 is growing, and they are exposing the G7’s lies which claim that it is a force for peace. Instead, it is becoming clearer that the G7 is a tool to support the US-led wars of aggression. We echo the calls of peoples’ organizations resisting the G7 to demand: End the Build-Up to War! Resist militarism and US-led wars of aggression! US and Canada out of the Asia-Pacific!

Long live international solidarity.

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